Byte Anvil is what happened after Project Myron, a project that combined cutting edge technology to create a virtual reality experience that has not been created before. Eight students together with four companies and hardware providers realized the project in 20 weeks of hard work and dedication. In these 20 weeks the game was showcased on FMX Stuttgart and a press conference in the FC Twente stadium Enschede. Besides these two main events there were more smaller showcases at the opening of the Dutch Game Garden in Twente and the Art in The Park festival in enschede.

Just a week after Project Myron, Byte Anvil was born and ready to conquer new ground on virtual reality experiences and games! Our company consists out of four programmers that all worked on Project Myron. We think the future of virtual reality combined with motion capture technology is bright and want to keep working on it so that more people can experience it.


A new workspace!

Since this week we have a sweet working location! The Virtual Dutch Men provide a working location for us in…

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